Heritage Research Valuable in the Sphere

Heritage Foundation research by Dr. Tim Kane has received a lot of attention from the blogosphere in the past month. His article entitled, “Who Are the Recruits? The Demographic Characteristics of Military Enlistment, 2003-2005,” has been a valuable resource for many across the sphere in light of John Kerry’s “you get stuck in Iraq” rant and Rangel’s call for a military draft.

According to blogpulse, 89 bloggers wrote posts that directly linked to the article on the Heritage Web site and 42 bloggers linked to these posts. A technorati search revealed that there were 258 links to the Heritage article.

The graph below shows when the increase in linkage occured. The first and highest spike was in response to John Kerry’s comments and the two other spikes are in regards to Charlie Rangel’s remarks concerning the draft.

This post at little green footballs characterizes the response from the right. The post shows how John Kerry and others are making erroneous assumptions about the education level of those enlisting in the military by linking to the Heritage article. Tim Chapman links to the article in response to Charlie Rangel’s recent comments about socio-economic levels in the military. Tim says that Rangel’s rhetoric is “not only insulting, but factually wrong.” Captain Ed links to the Heritage article, showing his frustration towards an Air America piece that made claims contrary to what the Heritage Foundation study produced. Curt at Flopping Aces thinks that Rangel’s view of our soldiers is demeaning and innaccurate. He also provides video of Rangel’s comments from appearances on both CNN and FOX News. Ivy Sellers of Human Events includes the study in her post, claiming that Rangel is “completely off his rocker.”

Below is a list of blogs that linked to the Heritage Foundation research.


4 Responses to “Heritage Research Valuable in the Sphere”

  1. TimChapmanBlog.com » Blog Archive » More on the Rangel comments Says:

    […] Jonathan Perkins has rounded up a list of bloggers writing about the Charlie Rangel flap this week with special attention to who is linking to the Heritage study about the makeup of the military. […]

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