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Bush Says Troop Drawdowns Unrealistic

November 30, 2006

┬áContinuing his stance on no “cutting and running” in Iraq, President Bush had this to say while meeting while meeting with the Iraqi Prim Minister Thursday:

President Bush delivered a staunch endorsement of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki Thursday morning and dismissed calls for U.S. troop withdrawals from Iraq as unrealistic, following a summit meeting in which the two leaders discussed cracking down on sectarian violence and speeding the turnover of security responsibilities…

Bush said he told Maliki that the White House’s own review of strategy in Iraq is nearing conclusion. The Pentagon on Wednesday announced the shift of some U.S. troops to Baghdad from elsewhere in the country and the possible mobilization of addition reserve units.

Bush is known for not telegraphing major policy changes in advance; he announced the replacement of Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, for example, only days after saying Rumsfeld would stay until the end of his term. But the president’s comments in Amman, coupled with other statements in the past few days, seemed to set firm lines on Iraq policy beyond which he would not be pushed.


A Few of Kim’s Favorite Things…

November 30, 2006

The Washington Post reports a few things that Kim Jong Il will not be receiving this Christmas…

Fake fur and real fur and jewelry and Jet Skis,

Crystal and Segways and bubbly and Caddies,

Race cars and leather and plasma TVs

These are a few of Kim’s favorite things.

But effective this holiday season, there will be none of those things coming into North Korea, the United States hopes. After Pyongyang tested a nuclear bomb in October, the U.N. Security Council voted unanimously to deny the rogue nation and its leader, Kim Jong Il, foreign weapons, nuclear technology — and luxury goods.

Sounds pretty silly, but the article explains more as to why the U.S. and other countries see this as a reasonable and intelligent sanction on N. Korea…

The State Department’s newly released list of no-go goodies blends knowledge and legend of the diminutive strongman’s high-end tastes. Denying Kim what he craves, the theory goes, might prompt better behavior from a dictator who reportedly spends nearly a million dollars a year on rare cognac.

We might never see how this tactic supplements oh… I don’t know, important things like denying foreign weapons and nuclear technology. I like to think of it as icing on the cake… or in honor of Christmas… mistle on the toe?

Heritage Research Valuable in the Sphere

November 29, 2006

Heritage Foundation research by Dr. Tim Kane has received a lot of attention from the blogosphere in the past month. His article entitled, “Who Are the Recruits? The Demographic Characteristics of Military Enlistment, 2003-2005,” has been a valuable resource for many across the sphere in light of John Kerry’s “you get stuck in Iraq” rant and Rangel’s call for a military draft.

According to blogpulse, 89 bloggers wrote posts that directly linked to the article on the Heritage Web site and 42 bloggers linked to these posts. A technorati search revealed that there were 258 links to the Heritage article.

The graph below shows when the increase in linkage occured. The first and highest spike was in response to John Kerry’s comments and the two other spikes are in regards to Charlie Rangel’s remarks concerning the draft.

This post at little green footballs characterizes the response from the right. The post shows how John Kerry and others are making erroneous assumptions about the education level of those enlisting in the military by linking to the Heritage article. Tim Chapman links to the article in response to Charlie Rangel’s recent comments about socio-economic levels in the military. Tim says that Rangel’s rhetoric is “not only insulting, but factually wrong.” Captain Ed links to the Heritage article, showing his frustration towards an Air America piece that made claims contrary to what the Heritage Foundation study produced. Curt at Flopping Aces thinks that Rangel’s view of our soldiers is demeaning and innaccurate. He also provides video of Rangel’s comments from appearances on both CNN and FOX News. Ivy Sellers of Human Events includes the study in her post, claiming that Rangel is “completely off his rocker.”

Below is a list of blogs that linked to the Heritage Foundation research.

Hoyer Gets the #2 Spot

November 16, 2006

So today, Pelosi’s controversial support for Congressman Murtha has failed to give him the #2 spot.

Rep. Steny H. Hoyer (D-Md.) was elected House majority leader this morning, defeating Speaker-designate Nancy Pelosi‘s candidate, Rep. John P. Murtha (D-Pa.).

Hoyer won the No. 2 leadership job easily — 149 to 86. But the showdown divided the Democratic House caucus only a week after the party won a majority of seats in the Congress that convenes in January. Before the caucus vote, a number of Democrats had complained that Pelosi and her allies used strong-arm tactics and threats to try to elect Murtha to the job.

So for her first act as Speaker, Pelosi seems to have caused a rift in the party and lost her first battle. Not exactly the way that I’d like to start off.

Pelosi’s aggressive intervention on behalf of Murtha baffled and angered many Democrats, who said she unnecessarily put her reputation on the line out of misplaced loyalty to a friend and because of a long-standing feud with Hoyer, currently the minority whip. Pelosi pushed Murtha’s candidacy at social events, in private meetings and with incoming freshman Democrats; they were called to her office to discuss committee assignments, only to hear first that she needed Murtha in order to be an effective leader.

One of these smiles is genuine I think!

Morning Round Up 11-14

November 14, 2006

A lot of talk in the sphere this morning concerning Nancy Pelosi and the supposed ending of the honeymoon period for the democrats. Pelosi’s support for congressman Murtha has got some folks questioning whether or not Pelosi will really “drain the swamp”. This post at BitsBlog reports that Murtha may be one of the most currupt congressmen in the house right now.

Reports on Giuliani’s apparent first steps toward a Presidential run circulated throughout the sphere as well. Chris Bowers at liberal blog MyDD thinks Giuliani is the top pick for the Republican party. Ian at Hot Air seems to think the same.

It appears to be the consensus of many that the decision to make Mel Martinez chairman of the Republican National Committee was an ill advised one. Captain Ed calls Martinez an underwhelming choice and tells us why.

Policy Issues Around the Sphere

National Security




Morning Round Up 11-7

November 7, 2006

Election day is in full swing across the country and the blogosphere is a buzz with predictions. Folks from one end of the sphere to the other have offered their last-minute predictions on who will win what house or race. Tomorrow, I hope to be posting at if all goes well. Tim has given me the opportunity to round up predictions throughout the sphere and “rate” the bloggers that have offered us their take on who will win what today. It should be interesting to see whose predictions were the best.
A few posts of note for today:

Not-So Morning Round Up 11-1

November 1, 2006

Well I picked a good day to get to a late start because it is pretty easy to figure out what the blogosphere is talking about today: John Kerry. His comments yesterday have garnered coverage from all over the blogosphere. Some of the more breaking news has been that Kerry’s campaign tour has been cut short indefinitely. Jeff Emmanuel of Red State has a fairly comprehensive round up of this recent development. Bits Blog has a bit of insight and comments on the fact that the audience laughed at this blotched joke. Patrick Hynes of ABP has video of McCain’s response to Kerry’s comments.

In other news, Captain Ed points out how wierd it is that Iran is willing to pay to get U.S. tourists to visit. You first!

Almost equally as wierd, a guy tried to heckle George Allen and got thrown to the ground. This comical post has a few words for our provocateur.

I didn’t notice any real “stand out” policy issues in the Kerry dominated sphere today. Tomorrow may give us more!