Morning Round Up 10-31

There has been quite a bit of attention given to the fact that Duncan Hunter is taking the initial steps towards a Presidential run in 2008. Patrick Hynes of ABP writes on this and thinks that Hunter will have a tremendous appeal to certain segments of Republican voters.

A surprise in the Maryland senate race has people in the sphere talking. A coalition of black democrats from Prince George’s county have shifted their support to Steele. James Joyner of outside the beltway quotes the Washington Post article that has the story and says that he thinks a 5.3% gap will still be hard to close a week away from election day.

Dominating the sphere is a hodge-podge of race specific posts from each side of the blogosphere. Bloggers are focusing in on polls and election day scenarios. The left has tended to reference some new majority watch polls that have been distributed recently. Erick at Red State has some thought provoking insight into the Webb/Allen race.

Policy Issues in the Sphere

National Security



Limited Government


One Response to “Morning Round Up 10-31”

  1. jwberrie Says:

    The bridge in your masthead could be a metaphor for conservativism itself and also recall that Alaska folly past in the last Congress—a bridge to nowhere.

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