Morning Round Up 10-25

Rather surprisingly, social security is big in the blogosphere this morning after news that President Bush hopes to revive reform within the system.  Both liberal and conservative bloggers have had something to say about the subject.  Bull Dog at Ankle Biting Pundits had this to say, while the folks at Daily Kos (a liberal perspective) say that this would be a bad move.

A few conservative blogs have their eyes on the New Jersey court decision on gay marriage.  Some believe that this decision could have serious implications for the election.

There is a big buzz around Michael J. Fox’s stem cell research ad.  Mary Katharine Ham at town hall has a bit of commentary and round up here.  Below is a video made by a few other celebrities in response to his ad…

Policy Issues Around the Blogosphere:

National Security 


  • An in depth look at what liberal ideology in terms of taxation will do in the future (Tim Chapman)
  • Comedic ad that presents a glimpse into what might happen if liberals take control of congress this November


And lastly, here’s a video compiled by the folks at RedState concerning why you should vote Republican this fall…


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