Morning Round Up 10-10

Commentary on the alleged North Korean nuclear test is showing up in the sphere this morning. It is still the subject of debate whether the test conducted actually consisted of a nuclear explosion and not simply a big blast of something less than nuclear. The U.S. is reportedly still committed to diplomacy is the midst of this situation. Captain Ed has some commentary concerning the seriousness of this situation in light of N. Korea’s threat of a nuclear launch. This most recent turn of events in N. Korea has brought some to ask about our nation’s missile defense and what a nuclear N. Korea means for it’s future. Tim Chapman has an in-depth discussion of how the parties have voted on missile defense over the last two decades. He also sheds some light on what the implications of a Democratic House or Senate might be.

Among Liberal bloggers, the N. Korean situation seems to be getting less attention. A few new polls that have recently come out are the “hotter” topics of conversation in those circles.
A few other interesting posts to note:


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