… And They’ve Done It… Maybe.

Yesterday, North Korea reported that they had conducted a nuclear test.  Whether or not the test was actually a “nuclear” explosion is still being debated in the global community.

A staff member at Japan’s Meteorological Agency points to the measurement of a seismic wave. Officials there say a magnitude-4.9 tremor occurred in the area where Pyongyang officials claim to have conducted the nuclear test. (link)

U.S. officials said it could take several days for intelligence analysts to determine whether the event in an area near North Korea’s border with China was an unsuccessful nuclear test, a small nuclear device or a non-nuclear explosion.

White House spokesman Tony Snow introduced a strong element of suspicion, saying North Korea was claiming to have detonated a nuclear weapon only two years after expelling international weapons inspectors. (link)

Even if this test is deemed non-nuclear, it should be reason enough for global leaders to step up in some way against a government that spends its money developing weapons of mass destruction while neglecting its citizens.


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