Congressman Tom Tancredo Speaks on Immigration at the Heritage Foundation

“It’s time to try enforcement without amnesty,” said Congressman Tom Tancredo this afternoon in at The Heritage Foundation’s Lehrman Auditorium in Washington, D.C. Tancredo spoke to the crowd and differentiated his enforcement-only policy from other immigration reform policies. He argued that border security was the first and only way to stop the maleffects of current immigration policy.

Tancredo took some time to define the term “immigrant”, pointing out the misuse of the word and noting that most of the people that are being called immigrants are not immigrants at all, but illegal immigrants. Two quite different groups, according to Tancredo.

Tancredo worried that history has shown that a bill that has border control and amnesty written in it will be ultimately ineffective. Amnesty will most certainly occur while enforcement of border security will not. That is why he claims that enforcement-only will solve the nation’s illegal immigration policy.

By taking away the incentive (jobs) for illegal immigrants to stay in the United States, they will voluntarily leave the country and lessen the need for deportation, which would likely occur slowly over time under Tancredo’s legislation. He mentions taking away jobs as a way for a sort of voluntary emigration. These jobs will be taken away because of legislation barring illegal immigrants to work in the U.S. and likely penalizing organizations that hire these folks.

If Federal help on this issue does not come, Tancredo seemed to say that he and others would take to the fifty states in an effort to enact local and statewide laws on the issue.

For more information on current immigration issues.


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