Bush Speaks to the UN General Assembly and Sees ‘eye to eye’ with Chirac

Bush at UN General Assembly

President Bush’s speech to the United Nations on Tuesday seemed to signal a bit of a shift towards diplomacy and away from the more hardline rhetoric of the past few months. But maybe even more suprising was the cooperation between Bush and Jacques “I’m French and you’re not” Chirac. Check out the excerpt from this ABC news article:

Bush said that Iran must first suspend uranium enrichment “in which case the U.S. will come to the table.”

But he also stressed that he and Chirac “share the same objective and we’re going to continue to strategize together.”

“Time is of the essence,” the president said. “Now is the time for the Iranians to come to the table.”

Both Bush and Chirac stressed they are working together, and the French president said twice that they see “eye to eye.”

With this in mind, the Independant reported this information this morning:

President Ahmadinejad, arriving in New York, hinted at his anger at the campaign to force Iran to suspend uranium enrichment. “Everyone is upset because of the atmosphere of threat, tension, confrontation, arrogance, hatred. These things cannot lead the world to calmness and sustainable peace,” he told reporters.

Iran’s leader was missing from a list of leaders invited to a reception hosted last night by President Bush. “I’m not going to meet with him,” Mr Bush said.

It seems like it is simply a matter of time to see who will give in first. Either President Ahmadinejad will cease production and talks will occur or he will face the possibility of the wrath of U.N. sanctions.

Here is a video from CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” featuring The Heritage Foundation’s Brett Schaefer and offering some insight into the current relationship between the U.S. and the Middle East.

Some blog sites to check out for more information:


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